Nucleic acid-Cut

EBL Nucleic acid -Cut is a genetically engineered endonuclease from Serratia marcescens which is produced and purified from E. coli. The protein is a dimer of identical 245 amino acid, about 30 kDa subunits with two essential disulfide bonds. This promiscuous endonuclease attacks and degrades all forms of DNA and RNA (single stranded, double stranded, linear and circular) and is effective over a wide range of operating conditions. The enzyme completely digests nucleic acids to 5'‐monophosphate terminated oligonucleotides 2-5 bases in length. Although the nuclease is capable of cleavage at nearly all positions along a nucleic acid chain, sequence‐dependent preferences have been demonstrated. The enzyme prefers GC‐rich regions in dsDNA while avoiding d(A)/d(T)‐tracts. Nucleic acid-Cut endonuclease is preparations possess exceptionally high specific activities and are supplied free from measurable protease activities and viral contaminants. Nucleic acid-Cut is ideal for a wide variety of applications where complete digestion of nucleic acids is desirable.

1.          Viscosity reduction in protein extracts
2.          Sample preparation for 2D gel electrophoresis
3.          Removal of nucleic acid contaminants from recombinant protein preparations  

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