IEX_Cation CM-50S

Ion exchange (IEX) chromatography is a technique that is commonly used in biomolecule purification, involving the separation of molecules on the basis of their charge. This technique exploits the interaction between charged molecules in a sample and oppositely charged moieties in the stationery phase of the chromatography matrix. It allows two types of ion exchange separation - cation exchange and anion exchange. In anion exchange the stationary phase is positively charged whilst in cation exchange it is negatively charged.

EBL_Cation CM-50s weak cation exchange support meets the demands of analytical, semipreparative, and process-scale applications. The polyacrylate polymer 50 µm matrix support provides exceptional capacity, resolution, and throughput in a chemically and mechanically stable form. EBL_Cation CM-50s operates well at low and medium pressures and exhibits minimal volume changes in response to variations in pH or ionic strength, providing consistent and reproducible results. The advantages of EBL_Cation CM-50s support include:

Key Features
  • High capacity for biomolecules
  • Good flow rates and scale-up potential.
  • High resolution of complex biological mixtures
  • Rigid polymer matrix that allows high flow rates at moderate pressures
  • Chemical, mechanical, and thermal stability
Ordering information:

Catalog Number: iex-5001010, IEX_Cation CM-50S, 10 ml

                           iex-5001100, IEX_Cation CM-50S, 100 ml

                           iex-5001500, IEX_Cation CM-50S, 500 ml