Peristaltic Pump Column

EBL PPC product family is ideal for customers who implement purification with peristaltic pumps. PPCs consist of column bodies, upper and lower sieve plates, O-ring washers, bolts on both ends, and 1/16 standard Luer taper male and female connectors. They come in a variety of available sizes, providing six options. PPCs stand for even more economic and convenient alternatives when it comes to the early stage of purification systems set up in the laboratories or the applications of the media for affinity purification.

EBL PPCs not only apply to purification chromatography with peristaltic pumps, but also comprise adapters and upper cover that allow for replacing both inlet ends with standard 1/16 connectors. PPCs with standard 1/16 connectors can be used by connecting directly to GE or Bio-Rad purification instruments of the sort, featuring elastic applications.

  • A variety of available sizes for the chromatography columns: 8 ml, 25 ml, 70 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml and 380 ml
  • Standard Luer taper male and female connectors on both inlets, allowing for replacing according to pipe sizes
  • Apply to gravity pumps, peristaltic pumps and purification chromatographic instruments with 1/16 connectors
  • Economic alternatives
  • Made of PP, capable of withstanding the pressure up to 1.3 Mpa. Apply to most affinity media
  • Easy to be assembled that it is nearly technique-free
  • Easy to be disassembled and washed for every component

Ordering information:

Catalog Number: ppc-00810, 8 ml, 10/pk

                           ppc-02510, 25 ml, 10/pk

                           ppc-07005, 70 ml, 5/pk

                           ppc-15005, 150 ml, 5/pk

                           ppc-20003, 200 ml, 3/pk

                           ppc-38003, 380 ml, 3/pk