PCR Enhancer Reagents

EBL PCR Enhancer Reagent Kit

PCR is one of the most common experiments in the molecular biology laboratories. However, the desired products are not guaranteed every time. EBL PCR enhancer reagents improve this for most failed PCR experiments, ideal for cloning unknown genes or long fragment genes. EBL enhancer reagents break the secondary structures of the template strand efficiently so that they improve the sequences of GC rice with effect. 1X enhancer I reagent improves most of the experiments in most cases. For those results not improved by 1X I enhancer reagent, double the dose of it or apply 1X enhancer II reagent instead. It is recommended to apply the combination of enhancer I reagent and enhancer II reagent if either of them were not able to improve the result efficiently. Furthermore, amplification in the presence of EBL enhancer increased the robustness and performance of routinely used qPCRs with short amplicons.

About the Kits:
PCR_3101       5X EBL PCR Enhancer Reagent I          1.5 ml
PCR_3102       10X EBL PCR Enhancer Reagent II          1 ml

  • 不須改變原本的formula and program
  • high GC contant
  • 增加專一性
  • Easy to use.
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Catalog Number: PCR_3100K, EBL PCR Enhancer Reagent Kit